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During the pandemic, two friends Jeevika & Kanupriya, felt a lack of mindfulness & realized it is a common sentiment in all women.

They discovered that women face body image issues because of either their biological cycles of the magazine culture that over centuries have made them feel that they should come in a fixed size & shape. They also noticed that fast fashion brands continued to negatively impact the environment. 

all this led to making a brand that is kind to women’s bodies & our planet

Since no one seemed to truely care about making women’s lives better, they decied to build India’s 1st & now largest size-inclusive sustainable athleisure brand, What If Studio, with the intention of recognizing biases and negating stereotypes that have been placed on women. After  a year-long of innovation to bring sustainability in athleisure and performance wear fabric blends, What if Studio now has a community of 200K+ Women who have chosen to live as they desire! 

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